TGR’s Paradise Waits: Experiences worth waiting for

“The days were limited … but when the days went well…that was really special.” The opening lines of Teton Gravity Research’s Paradise Waits are always a pleasant welcome signaling the start of what’s bound to be another glorious ski season.

Punching pillows with three friends in Japan, East Coast city-jibbing with the best coast kids, and Collinson sibling rivalries in independent Kosovo are just the tip of the iceberg. My favorite lines come right at the end from the fairer of the Collinsons, but we will each see something different when we watch the best ski movies in the world. We’ll each pick our favorite line and favorite segment and talk about it for days and months after. That is, until we ski.

And the music, it’s always the music that gets me with the rhythmic chanting, cowboy yodeling, feminine twang, electronic beating, beating on the every down turn of the ski and crest of the waves on each spine.

This movie won’t watch itself so join us Thursday at 6pm & 9pm for Paradise Waits at Lone Peak Cinema.

See you on the slopes!

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