Big Sky Town Center Project

Right in the heart of the Big Sky region lies the Big Sky Town Center, a remarkable master-planned commercial and residential development that has been designed to provide a sense of place for the area’s residents and visitors. The Town Center is a centrally-located, pedestrian-oriented village core that will serve as the hub of activity for the many year-round recreation opportunities that Big Sky has to offer. The businesses and residences being built in the Town Center are part of the “downtown” fabric of Big Sky. Let us share our vision for the future – you may find yourself wanting to be part of this incredible area and this incredible endeavor.

The Town Center is a 165-acre, mixed-use project located at the intersection of all key development in Big Sky — Ousel Falls Road and Lone Mountain Trail (Big Sky Spur Rd.). Approximately 50 acres is zoned for commercial uses, and 115 acres is zoned for homes and condos. The project has been approved for approximately 500 residences, including 120 condos above the commercial district. An estimated 375,000 square feet of commercial space has been approved, including 36,000 square feet for civic uses such as a performing arts center, emergency medical facilities, community center, and more. Finally, about 150 lodging rooms will be available in the Town Center. With about 25% open space, trails, and parkland, the Town Center’s development philosophy is sensitive and responsive to the outstanding natural values of the region. Reaching outward from town into the surrounding mountains, access to Ousel Falls Trail will invite exploration and will provide additional marketability for the residents and businesses of Town Center. The goal of creating a walkable community with sidewalks, tree-lined boulevards, trails, and services near the residences has been the defining feature of the plan from the beginning.

In the early 1970’s after Chet Huntley announced that his plans for Big Sky included a Meadow Village and a Mountain Village, Bob Simkins and Jim Taylor bought the Sappington Ranch, which contains a part of the Town Center project. Master Developer Simkins Holdings, LLC has been actively working on securing the development rights for the project since the late 1990’s, and the first infrastructure projects were completed in 2001. The momentum for the project has continued to increase over the past few years, and now that the project is about 35% built out, it’s beginning to take on a life of its own, as many residents find it a very desirable place to live, and business owners find it a profitable place to open up shop.

The heart of the plan is Town Center Avenue (“Main Street,” if you will) where most of the commercial lots are located. In the middle of Town Center Avenue is a Town Plaza that will likely feature an ice skating rink during the winter, and plenty of room for small festivals and performances in the summer months. The Plaza and Town Center Avenue will be the hub of activity currently absent in Big Sky and will be the destination attraction that draws visitors from around the country. The first projects along Town Center Avenue have been built with more starting construction soon.

Simkins Holdings, LLC has taken great care to ensure that the individual project developers in the Town Center will be able to move forward with their building projects in a relatively short time frame by having secured the necessary zoning and entitlement approvals in advance.

The commercial core of Big Sky is as close as a few blocks away, accessible by sidewalks from the many residential units being offered. Restaurants, shopping, cafes, a movie theatre, grocery stores, and many other services are either available now or planned for the near future, and the Town Center amenity package will continue to expand every year. Town Center is probably the most desirable place to live because the lower elevation of the meadow receives about 60% less snowfall. The milder climate means Spring comes earlier, Fall stays later, and the Summer lasts longer than on properties on the Mountain. All of this creates more opportunities for year-round recreation right from your doorstep in Big Sky. Beautiful trails, fly-fishing, hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and, of course, the world famous winter experience, are only a few of the Big Sky opportunities immediately available in the Town Center!

We invite you to learn more about the Big Sky Town Center at or by phone at 406-586-9629.

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