July 3 at Courtney Collins Fine Art: American Tapestry by Lane Timothy

Where the complexity of the American West comes alive through the curiosity & works of Lane Timothy.
We invite you to explore a collection of Native Americans, as well as cowboys and farmers, each embodying unique stories, traditions, and legacies that have shaped the landscape of the West.
American Tapestry symbolizes the rich history and culture of the United States woven together from various threads of different ethnicities, traditions, and historical events. A metaphor representing the complex and multifaceted nature of the American experience and contribution of different groups over time. This underscores the idea that the nations identity is built from a variety of sources creating a cohesive and intricate whole. Perhaps in theory, or in a better world, a tapestry of Unity. A world where the timeless wisdom of the Native American elders meets the rugged spirit of the cowboy on the open range. Through his painting, Lane has captured the essence of resilience and deep rooted heritage versus forgotten truths.
Creative Director: Robyn Woodhall
Exhibition runs from 07/03/2024, 5:00pm – 7:30pm through 07/17/2024
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