2024 Big Sky Wildflower Festival

Grow Wild’s Big Sky Wildflower Festival Promises a Week of Learning, Creativity, and Thoughtful Exploration of the Outdoors

Grow Wild is hosting their first annual Big Sky Wildflower Festival out of their native plant demonstration garden, Crail Gardens located at 2100 Spotted Elk Road, Big Sky, MT from July 8 to July 12. There will be speakers with diverse backgrounds speaking on topics that range from creating native pollinator habitat to the vital relationship between riparian habitat and native trout. For the creatively inclined, there will be workshops on nature photography, watercolor and flower arranging-and with Crail Gardens as the backdrop, inspiration won’t be hard to come by. For a bit of competition, join Grow Wild that night at the Big Sky Farmers Market for their Noxious Weed Bouquet Contest and show off what you’ve learned. Lastly, for those who love to learn about the natural world on foot, there will be a wildflower and weed identification hike, a walk in the woods with their resident forester (and board chair), and an amazing opportunity to learn about relational foraging from a current PhD Candidate in Indigenous and Rural Health at MSU. Grow Wild is elated to share these unique experiences and learning opportunities to the community all for free. A full schedule of the festival can be found at their website, growwildmt.org/events as well as registration links for a handful of events, as some have limited capacity.

Grow Wild is an environmental non-profit that began in 2004 and has been serving the Upper Gallatin Watershed ever since. Their mission is to conserve native species through education, habitat restoration, and collaborative land stewardship. They envision functional and healthy ecosystems that are sustained by an informed and engaged community and believe their Wildflower Festival is the perfect opportunity to continue the pursuit of creating such a community.

Contact Abby Butler at conservation@growwildmt.org or by phone at 402-913-4411 for further questions.


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