Live, Work, and Shop in Town Center

The core village of Big Sky is coming! Big Sky will improve on its rankings and comparisons with other similar resort areas when a dense downtown village with ample shopping and dining opportunities is finally constructed. So many other western resorts evolved after the mining boom had already built a downtown core, but Big Sky is different. Because Big Sky didn’t grow from the early mining boom/bust cycles, we now have the opportunity to build a town from the ground up – a downtown with a grocery store, coffee shops, a movie theatre, countless boutique shops, a wide variety of restaurants and bars, and of course a bustling nightlife.

The businesses in the Town Center have greatly exceeded their expectations after opening their doors in the project. Ken Lancey, co-owner of Grizzly Outfitters, said recently, “Moving to the Town Center has brought us significantly more foot traffic. We feel this is definitely the place to be now and even more so in the future.” This praise for Town Center is shared by Jackie Robin, co-owner of the Hungry Moose Market and Deli, “We love our new location in the Town Center of Big Sky. It’s central, convenient for locals and visitors, and simply a great spot for our retail business in this growing community.”

These businesses and more than 20 others make the Town Center a unique and desirable place to live. With services so close, residents can enjoy their morning walk to ”The Moose” to pick up a paper and a cup of coffee, or have breakfast while working on their computer in the deli. The Town Center is also approved for about 120 residential condos to be located above the shops along Town Center Avenue, the project’s “Main Street.”

One of the first projects to propose this type of residential use above the commercial core in the Town Center is the Water Tower Place building offering whole ownership of their limited offering of four residential condos above Town Center Avenue. While this is one of the first projects to offer this type of property in Big Sky, it is very common among other resort towns and traditional downtowns.

People are social beings and naturally want to be around other people and close to the services and amenities that give the area a sense of place.The condos in the residential district are located close to the commercial services to encourage walking along the sidewalks and trails. The Town Center has been designed as a very pedestrian-friendly community with tree-lined boulevards, slightly narrower streets to calm traffic, and pedestrian crosswalks. The project has a very ‘human scale’ to it that is unique to the area. The street/building interface along Town Center Avenue has been designed to function like an “outdoor room,” with canopies overhead, ample sidewalks with a heated paver surface to enhance the wintertime strolling experience, and trees along the edge of the street to help provide a comfortable and inviting setting for pedestrians.

These thoughtful designs for the project have begun to show themselves in the first ”neighborhood commercial” phase around Lone Peak Drive, but will be more fully appreciated in the next ”commercial core” phase along Town Center Avenue. We encourage you to take a look at the Town Center for the value of the residential properties compared to similar mountain properties. Experienced buyers and investors recognize the value that the Town Center offers, and we invite you to learn more at

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