Hey Bear is an apparel and accessories brand that advocates for safe human and bear coexistence and gives back to wildlife organizations with wildlife safety awareness at their forefront.

While on a hike in 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, founder Eric Ladd was using the phrase, “Hey Bear” to deter wildlife. Ladd believed that the well-known phrase could be used on high quality products to promote better wildlife awareness. Today, Hey Bear does more than just give back, it is building an educational platform to promote the ideas about how we can better coexist with wildlife in our backyard.

Bear populations are rapidly decreasing in the lower 48. The role bears play in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is key to the success of a nutrient-rich and biodiverse forest. Anyone who lives among these bruins knows it is a privilege to do so.

At Hey Bear, we pride ourselves on selling quality, sustainable outdoor products with reputable partners. We are passionate about promoting symbiotic relationships with the natural world around us.

11 Lone Peak Dr, Suite 104, Big Sky, MT 59715

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Monday-Sunday: 9am - 5pm

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