The Town Center Owners Association (TCOA) was incorporated in 2001 and encompasses the entire 165-acre Big Sky Town Center project.


Most property owners in the Town Center will be members of two owners associations; one will be the commercial building or residential owners association, and the second will be the TCOA. As such, property owners in the Town Center will be responsible for the dues assessed by each owners association.

TCOA Board of Directors

The current directors of the TCOA are Bill Simkins, Tom Simkins, and Ryan Hamilton. The reason that the master developer, Simkins Holdings, LLC, needs to control the functions of the TCOA in the early years to ensure that every development in the Town Center is constructed according to the Master Plan and to implement the overarching vision for the project.

Services Provided by TCOA

  • Snow removal of all streets and sidewalks in the Town Center
  • Snow removal of all parking lots in the Commercial District
  • Landscaping maintenance, water, and electricity costs for irrigation and lighting of common and/or public open space areas and amenities
  • Street lighting
  • Insurance
  • Events
  • Parking lot lighting in the Commercial District
  • Covenant enforcement and TCOA administration
  • Reserves
  • Website, advertising, marketing TCOA businesses
  • Trail maintenance
  • Weed control

Notice of Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, October 10 at 1:00 pm at the Town Center Sales Office, Market Place Building, 33 Lone Peak Drive, Suite 204, Big Sky, Montana. 406-586-9629. All annual meetings are open to members (owners) in the TCOA only.

Bear Smart Big Sky

Did you know that the TCOA and Gallatin Canyon/Big Sky Zoning Regulation requires the use of animal proof trash containers?

Call Republic Services at 406-586-0606 or L&L Site Services at 406-924-6471 to request your bear resistant can today.

Visit the BSCO website for more Bear Smart information.

Do you know how to open your new trash can?!  View the unlatch instructions here or visit the Bearicuda website for more info.

Property Management Contact Information

If you live in the Tamarack Court Condos or Lone Peak Townhomes, your HOA manager is Hammond Property Management.  Please contact them directly with any questions or issues.

Hammond Property Management

Phone: 406-995-7220
After Hours Emergency: 406-581-7045

If you live in Cottonwood Crossing or Elevation 6000, your HOA manager is Alpine Property Management.  Please contact them directly with any questions or issues.

Alpine Property Management

Phone: 406-995-7211
After Hours Emergency: 406-995-7211

The manager for Essentia Condos Phase 1 (Units 1A & B, 2A & B, 5A & B, 6A & B) is JRM Services, and the manager for Essentia Condos Phase 2 (Units 3A & B, 4A & B, 7A & B, 8A & B, 9A & B, 10A & B, 11A & B) is Haas Builders.  Please contact them directly with any questions or issues.

JRM Services (Units 1A & B, 2A & B, 5A & B, 6A & B)

Phone: 406-539-7570

Haas Builders (Units 3A & B, 4A & B, 7A & B, 8A & B, 9A & B, 10A & B, 11A & B)

Phone: 406-995-4552


Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office can help you in many ways.  They respond to and take reports on all criminal acts, civil disputes, and general calls for service such as lost items, extra patrol requests, loose livestock and other matters.  If you have a crime to report, call 406-582-2100, ext 2 to initiate a response.  Call 9-1-1 in case of emergency.  An officer will then contact you to determine what action to take.

Governing Documents, Covenants, and Regulations

Click on the links below to view and download the pdf files