The Trove West

We are located in the Last Best Place because we think it is just that!  And we feel extraordinarily lucky to be here.  We have curated collections from over 40 artisans from Montana in order to give you the most unique and shopping experience while showcasing some of the best Montana has to offer.  Many of the artisans work can be found exclusively at Trove West!

From original art to handmade wooden rattles to all types of jewelry, leather goods, elk antler dog chews, pottery, apparel and so much more.  We often showcase these artisans by making Trove West their gallery for special events, hope you can make one of them! We all have different tastes and talents but what we do have in common is a discerning eye and a passion for sourcing just the right pieces and lines.

We source locally, across the country and from each corner of the globe.  We are travelers at heart and have made trips to Nepal, India, Tanzania, and New Zealand as well as across our country, and want to bring these treasures to beautiful Montana. But finding unique inventory right here in the great state of Montana is a focus for us!  From reclaimed pieces of furniture to jewelry, gifts, cards, and vintage pieces randomly found: we have it all.

So, when you need a special gift, are redecorating a room or just want to treat yourself, please think of Trove West as your go-to shopping mecca!



50 Ousel Falls Rd, Suite 161060, Big Sky, MT 59716

Open Hours

Monday 12–5 PM
Tuesday 12–5 PM
Wednesday 12–5 PM
Thursday 12–5 PM
Friday 12–5 PM
Saturday 12–5 PM
Sunday Closed

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